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Brian Howe HairStyle (Men HairStyles)

Brian Howe HairStyle 

Brian Anthony Howe (born 22 July 1953) is an English rock singer and songwriter, best known for replacing Paul Rodgers as the lead vocalist of Bad Company. Howe's career was jump-started in 1983 when Ted Nugent recruited him to handle lead vocals for his Penetrator album and front its subsequent world tour.

Early career

Howe was born in Portsmouth, England. In 1953, Howe sang with a local band called Shy who had one minor hit single in the UK but he quickly quit, seeking a harder rock band and had a brief stint with the NWOBHM group White Spirit, having replaced their recently-departed singer Bruce Ruff. However, the group quickly collapsed, and Howe never even recorded an album with the group. A sole cut, "Watch Out", surfaced on Neat Records' 60 Minutes Plus cassette compilation in 1982, also issued on vinyl as All Hell Let Loose by Neat in conjunction with Italy's Base Records label in 1983. The song was also released on CD by US-based label Prism Entertainment on their Metal Minded compilation in 1987.

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  2. You have the bio of Brian Howe the rock star and pictures of Brian Howe the actor. You know that, right? I know. Take it from me - Brian Howe the actor.