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Marco Hietala HairStyles

Marco Hietala HairStyles 

Marco Hietala

Marko Tapani "Marco" Hietala (born January 14, 1966 in Tervo, Finland) is a heavy metal vocalist and bass guitarist. Internationally, he is most known as the current bass guitarist, male vocalist and secondary composer to Tuomas Holopainen, of the symphonic metal band Nightwish.[1] He is also the vocalist and bassist as well as composer and lyricist for the heavy metal band Tarot.


Marco Hietala was born January 14, 1966, and is the youngest child of the Hietala family. Hietala lived in Tervo until the age of 15, after which he moved to Kuopio to study classical guitar, vocals and musical theory in high school. In 1984, he and his brother, Zachary Hietala, formed heavy metal band Tarot (band) under the name Purgatory. In 1986, Tarot received a deal for their first album and went on tour.

Hietala joined Nightwish for their 2002 album Century Child, following the departure of previous bassist Sami Vänskä.[4] He was a prominent guest musician in Delain, a project involving many members of the gothic and symphonic metal community.[5] He also participated in the recording of Invitation, by Altaria, providing backing vocals.[6] Hietala has also been part of the bands Sinergy and Northern Kings.

Upon his arrival to Nightwish, several songs were written to contain duets with the then Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen, allowing songwriter and band leader Tuomas Holopainen to take advantage of Hietala's distinctive raucous voice to add a new dimension to the band. A famous example is Nightwish's cover of "The Phantom of the Opera", from the album "Century Child".

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