Monday, April 8, 2013

Jonathan Sadowski HairStyle (Men HairStyles)

Jonathan Sadowski HairStyle 

Jonathan Sadowski

Date of Birth
23 November 1979, Chicago, Illinois, USA
6' 1" (1.85 m)
Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from the University of Illinois.
He worked at the popular West Hollywood diner the Griddle Cafe before landing a role in the Amanda Bynes vehicle She's the Man (2006).

Personal Quotes
When I was on 'American Dreams,' I was still bartending. Every Sunday night it came on, I was bartending in downtown L.A., and my manager and agent would come in and watch the TV. You'd get these drunk guys that are like: 'Oh, let me guess; you're gonna be an actor, huh? Good luck, buddy!' They want to knock you down so badly, and I'm like, 'Idiot, look to your left; I'm on the screen!'
I was so broke, I didn't even have car insurance at the time. My mom was forging my car insurance so I could get this job. I was like, 'I am so going to jail.' You do what you gotta do.

source by :wikipedia

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