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Thomas Sangster HairStyle (Men HairStyles)

Thomas Sangster HairStyle 

Thomas Sangster

Thomas Brodie Sangster (born 16 May 1990) is an English actor and musician, best known for his roles in Love Actually, Nanny McPhee, The Last Legion, and voice of Ferb Fletcher in Phineas and Ferb. In 2013, Sangster is in Game of Thrones.
Personal life
Sangster was born in London. He lives with his sister, Ava, and his parents, actors Anastasia "Tasha" (Bertram) and Mark Ernest Sangster.
His father, who is also a musician and film editor, starred in the musical adaptation of The Lion King in Germany. Sangster is the second cousin once removed of actor Hugh Grant, alongside whom he appeared in Love Actually; his great-grandmother, Barbara Bertram,[4] and Grant's grandmother were sisters. Sangster's great-grandfather, Anthony Bertram, was a novelist, and one of Sangster's maternal ancestors was politician and colonial administrator Sir Evan Nepean.
Sangster plays the guitar, and he learned to play left-handed in order to portray the left-handed Paul McCartney in the feature film Nowhere Boy. He currently resides in South London, England with his parents and sister.

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