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Engelbert Humperdinck HairStyle (Men HairStyles)

Engelbert Humperdinck HairStyle 

Engelbert Humperdinck (singer)

Engelbert Humperdinck (born Arnold George Dorsey; 2 May 1936)[1] is an Anglo-Indian pop singer, best known for his number one hits "Release Me" and "The Last Waltz", as well as "After the Lovin'" and "A Man Without Love".
Born in Madras, India, as a child Dorsey moved to Leicester, England, where he took an early interest in music. Initially playing the saxophone in nightclubs, he soon moved into singing, releasing his first single, "I'll Never Fall in Love Again", in 1958. After struggling with tuberculosis, in the mid-1960s Dorsey returned to his musical career, adopting the stage name "Engelbert Humperdinck" after the German 19th-century composer of operas. Signed to Decca Records, he gained early success in Belgium after representing England in the 1966 Knokke song contest there. Returning to the United Kingdom, he released a string of singles that proved commercially successful both domestically and in the United States. Gaining a devoted fan following, he also fronted a short-lived television series, The Engelbert Humperdinck Show.
Ever since, Humperdinck has continued producing music, to varying critical and commercial success. He represented the United Kingdom in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he came in 25th place out of 26 with 12 points.
Early life
Arnold Dorsey was born in Madras, India, as one of ten children to British Army NCO Mervyn Dorsey and his wife Olive. He is an Anglo-Indian, his mother being of Indian heritage.[3] Dorsey's family moved to Leicester, England, when he was ten. He soon showed an interest in music and began learning the saxophone. By the early 1950s he was playing saxophone in nightclubs, but he is believed not to have tried singing until he was seventeen, when friends coaxed him into entering a pub contest. His impression of Jerry Lewis prompted friends to begin calling him "Gerry Dorsey", a name he worked under for almost a decade.
Though Dorsey's music career was interrupted by his national service in the British Army Royal Corps of Signals during the mid-1950s, he got his first chance to record in 1958 with Decca Records after his discharge. His first single, "I'll Never Fall in Love Again", was not a hit, but Dorsey would record for the same company almost a decade later with very different results. Dorsey continued working the nightclubs until 1961, when he was stricken with tuberculosis. He regained his health and returned to nightclub work, but with little success.

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